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Restaurants: Thai Addison
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4135 Belt Line Rd
Addison, TX   75001 
(972) 386-3353


Best Thai Signature is proud to serve a variety of delicious, authentic Thai cuisine. Thai restaurant in Addison, TX, offers a variety of dishes that are sure to please both those trying Thai for the first time and those who have enjoyed Thai cuisine for years—we even have vegan options! Our signature dishes are made in-house and were crafted through a love of cooking and sharing the comfort of Thai food. We offer online ordering, as well as catering services, so you can bring our authentic Thai food to your next event. Check out our menu online today!

Best Thai Signature - Addison can be found at 4135 Belt Line Rd . The following is offered: Restaurants: Thai - In Addison there are 2 other Restaurants: Thai . An overview can be found here.

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  • Papaya Set

    Includes: - Papaya Salad - BT Wing 2 pcs - Side Sticky Rice *No Substitution

    Price: 13.99

  • Pick 1 Entree

    Noodle: Pad Thai, Pad Kee mow, Pad See Ew, or 5 Star Noodle Stir-Fried: Kapow, Thai Combination, Peper Steak Fried Rice: Thai Fried Rice, Basil Fried Rice, or Pineapple Fried Rice Optional: Chicken,Beef,Tofu,Vegetable I Shrimp +2.00

  • Pick 2 choices of appetizer

    - Salad Roll 2 pcs - Egg Roll 2 pcs - Curry Puff l pcs - Crab Wonton l pcs - Chicken Dumpling 2 pcs - Veggies Dumpling 2 pcs - Shrimp Roll 2 pcs ( + l .00)

  • Edamame(G)

    (7 oz.) steamed Japanese soy bean pods with sea salt or spicy seasoning

    Price: 4.99

  • Crispy Veggie Spring Roll (4 pcs)

    Mixed vegetable, glass noodles,crispy spring roll wrapper, sweet & sour dip

    Price: 6.50

  • Best Thai Fresh Salad Roll (3 pcs)(G)

    A vegetarian delight, finely sliced vegetable wrapped in soft rice paper, served with best thai peanut sauce.

    Price: 6.00 Extras

  • Satay Chicken or Tofu (4pcs) (G)

    Coconut yellow curry marinade, Satay Peanut Dip, Sweet Cucumber Relish

    Price: 7.25

  • Corn Patties (4 pcs)

    Deep-fried sweet corn batter, sweet & sour dip

    Price: 6.50

  • Best Thai Dumpling

    Vegetable or chicken or shrimp&pork Steamed or fried served with best Thai spicy sauce

    Price: 5.99

  • Crispy Avocado Crab Rolls

    The crispy deep fried rolls filled with crab meat, herb, served with homemade sweet & sour sauce.

    Price: 9.99

  • Crab Wonton (4pcs.)

    Golden deep-fried snow crab meat, cream cheese, green onions, red bell peppers, sweet & sour dip

    Price: 6.50

  • Nua Dad Deaw

    Deep fried marinated beef, served with Spicy siracha sauce

    Price: 7.99

  • BT. Chicken Wings

    Thai style chicken wings served with our special homemade sauce

    Price: 8.99

  • Thai Curry Puff (3 pcs)

    Thai Curry Puff filled with curry potatoes and vegetable, served with cucumber sauce

    Price: 6.50

  • Crispy Shrimp Roll(5 pcs)

    Rice papers wrapped with shrimp, onion, green onion served with s weet&sour sauce

    Price: 8.50

  • Fried Calamari

    Deep fried batter beer calamari ring, served with spicy siracha sauce

    Price: 7.50

  • Fried Pork Belly

    Fried marinated pork belly, served with siracha sauce.

    Price: 9.99

  • Lemonglass Mussel

    Pei mussle, Lemongrass, white wine coconut broth, served with spicy chili dipped.

    Price: 11.99

  • Fish Curry

    Fish fillet, slow cooked with Southern Thai style curry, turmeric, baby bokchoy, kaffir lime leave, and red bell pepper on top

    Price: 12.99

  • Drunken Lo Mein

    Shrimp & Chicken Lo mein noodles, basil, tomatoes, broccoli, egg, carrots, bell peppers, onions, sweet chili-garlic soy.

    Price: 12.99

  • Coconut Shrimp with Pineapple Fried rice

    Gloden fried coconut shrimp, served with pineapple vegetable fried rice, cashew nut spicy mayo dip.

    Price: 13.99

  • Garlic chili prawns

    Deep fried prawns with shells, sauteed with our special garlic sauce topped with crispy garlic and black pepper.

    Price: 14.99

  • Spicy Crispy Eggplant

    Stir-fried eggplant with mince chicken and shrimp,spicy black bean garlic basil sauce.

    Price: 13.99


    (Khoo Ka Moo)Caramelized smoked pork leg in five spice reduction with bok choy boiled egg & rice

    Price: 12.99

  • Crispy Spicy Beef

    Crispy fried sliced of steak sauteed with green beans, shiitake mushrooms, onions, carrots and sesame seed in a sweet spicy sauce

    Price: 10.99

  • Lemon Crispy Chicken

    Chicken beast batter with panko crumb bread, top with mayo lemon sauce

    Price: 11.99

  • (G)(S) BT. Salad

    Organic spring mix , cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrot, onion, crispy noodle and fried tofu with sweet peanut dressing

    Price: 6.99 Extras

  • (G)(S)Signature Kale Salad

    Fresh Kale salad, mango, carrot, red onions, with Lemon ginger dressing

    Price: 7.99 Extras

  • (G)Spicy Best Thai Beef Salad

    Charbroiled steak slices, scallions, red onions, fresh chilies, lemongrass, mixed with homemade sauce, served on bed of green.

    Price: 10.99

  • (G)Yum Woon Sen

    Glass noodles , sliced chicken, shrimp tossed with green onion, tomatoes, mixed with Thai vinaigrette dressing topped with crunchy peanut.

    Price: 10.99

  • (G)(VA)Som-tum (Papaya Salad)

    Fresh green papaya, tomatoes, green bean, ground peanuts with spicy lime sauce.

    Price: 7.99 Extras

  • (G)Thai Chicken Wrap (Larb Kai) Chicken or Tofu

    Ground chicken or Tofu, chopped onion, red onion with homemade Thai herb dressing

    Price: 9.99

  • Chicken or Tofu or Vegetable

  • Shrimp

  • Seafood

    Shrimp, Squid, Mussle, Fish

  • Add Noodle

    Price: 1.50

  • (G)Tom Kha

    Spicy coconut soup with mushrooms, lemon grass, lime juice, fresh chili.

  • (G)Tom Yum

    Spicy hot and sour soup with mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon grass lime juice, fresh chili.

  • (G)(VA)Soft Tofu with Vegetables Soup

    Fresh soft tofu, fresh green vegetables in delicious broth.

  • Wonton Soup

    Shrimp wonton, bok choy in chicken broth

  • Crying Tiger

    Traditional Thai style marinated sirloin steak grilled and served with sticky rice.

    Price: 14.99


    Marinatedlenongrass chicken served with homemade spicy sauce and sticky rice.

    Price: 13.99


    Slice charbroiled beef served on a bed of sliced cabbages, topped with green onions, red onions, dried & fresh chilies, line juice & rice powder.

    Price: 13.99

  • Your Choice of Vegetarian

  • Your Choice of meat

  • Ka Pow (Thai Basil)

    Your choice of meat, stir-fried with Thai basil, bamboo shoots, broccoli, bell pepper, carrots, onions and fresh garlic chili sauce.

  • Taste of Basil (Original Thai Ka Paw)

    Sauteed choice of ground white meat chicken with garlic & Thai chili, sweet Thai basil and jalapenos,

  • Cashew Nuts/ Sweet Chili or Brown Sauce

    Stir-fried with cashew nuts, snow peas, carrots, water chestnuts, onion, mushrooms in Sweet Chili or Brown Sauce

  • Thai Combination Vegetable

    Stir-fried with snow peas, carrots, water chestnuts, onions, broccoli, napa cabbage, zucchini, and cabbage in light brown sauce.

  • Pepper Garlic Sauce

    Choice of meat sauteed in our garlic pepper sauce, served on bed of green.

    Price: 11.99

  • Sesame Chicken

    Fried cubed chicken tossed in sweet sesame sauce, Steamed broccoli garnish, roasted Sesame seed on top

    Price: 10.99

  • Teriyaki Chicken

    Grilled marinated chicken with homemade teriyaki sauce, served with saute mixed vegetable and steamed jasmine rice.

    Price: 10.99

  • Pad Prik King

    Crispy chicken sauteed with spicy red chili sauce and green beans, bell peppers & lime leaves.

    Price: 12.99

  • Pad Thai

    Rice noodles, stir-fried with bean sprout, egg, green onion homemade Thai sweet &sour sauce and crushes peanuts

  • Crispy Pad Thai

    Crispy wonton, stir-fried with chicken, shrimp, bean sprout, egg, green onions, homemade Thai sweet & sour sauce and crushes peanuts

    Price: 12.99

  • Pad See Ew

    Fresh flat noodles stir- fried with choice of meat, bok-choy, broccoli, egg and black bean sauce.

  • Pad Kee Mow

    Fresh big flat noodles stir-fried with choice of meat, garlic-chili pepper, sweet Thai basil, tomatoes, green vegetables, egg, carrots, bell peppers, onions.

  • Best Thai Five Stars Noodle

    Fresh big flat noodle stir-fried with choice of meat, cooked extremely spicy to five stars spicy taste, onions, bean sprouts, egg, green vegetables.

  • Yaowarat Chicken Noodle

    (KUAKAl)Pan fried wide rice noodle with chicken served on bed of green, this dish very populars for Thai street food

  • Eight Angle

    Woonsen glass noodles, egg, snow peas, onions, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, bok-choy, and savory Brown Sauce

  • Lo Mein Noodle

    Egg noodle in brown sauce, cabbage, shiitake murshrooms, green onions, napa cabbage,and bean sprouts

  • Kao Soi Kai

    Northern style yellow curry noodle, chicken, pickled mustard greens, cilantro, red onion, and green onion.

  • Bangkok Noodles Soup

    Sliced beef, bean sprouts, green onions, rice noodles in homemade beef stock

  • Vetnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

    Chicken, fresh green vegetable, and rice noodles

  • Your Choice of Vegetarian

  • Your Choice of meat

  • Thai Fried Rice (VA) (G)

    Egg, tomatoes, white onions, green onions

  • Curry Fried Rice (VA) (G)

    Egg, onions,yellow curry powder, crispy onions top served with cucumber salad.

  • Basil Fried Rice (VA) (G)

    Egg, basil, white onions, bell peppers, fresh garlic

  • Pineapple Fried Rice w /cashew nuts (VA) (G)

    Egg, onion, pineapple, fresh garlic, tomatoes green onions and topped with cashew nuts.

  • Sun Dried Beef Fried rice

    Fried rice with homemade Sun dried beef, egg, pea, carrot, onions

    Price: 11.99

  • Crab Fried Rice

    Egg, onion blue crab and jasmine rice

    Price: 14.99

  • Choice of Meat:

  • Pineapple curry (VA) (G)

    Red curry with coconut milk and pineapple, carrot, bell peppers, and basil.

  • Green curry (VA) (G)

    Green curry paste with coconut milk and bamboo shoots, eggplant, carrots, bell peppers and sweet Thai basil.

  • Yellow Curry (VA) (G)

    yellow curry paste with coconut milk, potatoes, onions, bell peppers and carrots.

  • Panang (VA) (G)

    Panang curry paste with coconut milk, bell pepper and Thai basil.

  • Pumpkin curry (VA) (G)

    Red curry sauce. pumpkin, bell pepper and Thai basil.

  • Crispy Big Fish with Tamarind sauce

    Deep fried whole red snapper topped with stir-fried mushrooms, onions, bell pepper and basil in a special tamarind sauce.

  • Crispy Big Fish with Panang

    Deep fried wholered snapper topped with Thai style red cream curry sauce

  • Crispy Big Fish with Tumerric Garlic sauce

    Deep Fried whole red snapper topped with Tumerric garlic sauce, crispy garlic on the top

  • Green Salmon Curry

    Salmon filet 6 oz. in homemade green curry sauce pea, carrot, Thai sweet basil.

    Price: 15.99

  • Seafood Phuket-Style

    The island of Phuket is renowned for its seafood. Chili-rich Nam Prik Phao sauce stir-fried with mixed seafood (Shrimp, Squid, Mussel, and Fish) red& green bell pepper, carrot, Thai basil.

    Price: 14.99

  • teamed Ginger Fish Filet

    Topped with fresh ginger, onions, with special ginger soy sauce.

  • Basil Ocean

    Mushroom ,basil leaves and tbell pepper in garlic basil sauce.

  • Fish Pad Cha

    Chili-rich Nam Prik Phao sauce stir-fried with fish red& green bell pepper, carrot, Thai basil.

    Price: 14.99

  • Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Siracha Fried Rice

    Stired-fried rice with egg,carrot, pea with homemade Thai siracha sauce, topped with crispy soft shell crab.

    Price: 14.99

  • Crispy Soft shell Crab with Panang Sauce

    Crispy fried soft shell crab, served on the popular panang curry sauce.

    Price: 15.99

  • Herbal tofu

    Deep fried marinate tofu with Thai herbal on top fried basil serve with sweet&sour sauce

    Price: 5.99

  • Basil Tofu wrapped

    Stir-fried chopped tofu , waterchest nut, bell pepper in basil sauce, served with crispy noodle and lettuce cup

    Price: 7.99

  • Fried Vegan Dumpstick

    Crispy fried vegan dumpstick ,served with thai sweet chili sauce.

    Price: 6.99

  • Yum woodsen soy ham

    Cellophane noodles , soy ham with green onion,tomatoes, mixed with Thai vegan vinaigrette dressing topped with crunchy peanut.

    Price: 10.99

  • Larb Soy Duck

    Soy duck , onion ,red onion with homemade Thai herb dressing

    Price: 10.99

  • Signature Kale Salad

    Fresh Kale salad , mango , carrot, red onions, with Lemon ginger dressing

    Price: 7.99

  • Fried Tofu

    Panko batter tofu fried crispy served with Delicious homemade tangy sauce

    Price: 6.99

  • Thai Curry Puff (3 pcs)

    Thai Curry Puff filled with curry potatoes and vegetable,served with cucumber sauce

    Price: 5.99

  • Spicy Egg Plant with Soy Duck

    Soy duck stir-fried with egg plant, onion, bell pepper with Thai spicy basil sauce.

    Price: 10.99

  • Soy Salmon Curry

    Home cooking vegan red curry with pineapple, carrot, bell pepper.

    Price: 12.99

  • Stir-fried Baby Bok Choy with Soy Chicken

    Light, healthy with fresh baby bok choy with delicious soy chicken.

    Price: 10.99

  • Crispy Spicy Soy Beef

    Crispy thin slide soy beef, stir-fire with green bean, water chestnut, carrot. Top with sesame.

    Price: 10.99

  • Ginger soy Chicken

    Soy Chicken, ginger, onion, bell pepper, shitake mushroom, and ginger brown sauce

    Price: 10.99

  • Pineapple Fried Rice with Soy Ham

    Soy ham stir-fried steam jasmine rice, onion, pineapple, fresh garlic, tomatoes, green onions and cashew nuts.

    Price: 10.99

  • Grilled Soy Salmon Plate

    Grilled marinate soy salmon top with mango salsa, served with steamed vegetable.

    Price: 12.99

  • Garlic & chili Soy Chicken

    So testy! Stir-fried fresh garlic & Thai chili with soy chicken

    Price: 10.99

  • Sesame Tofu

    Crispy tofu stir-fried with best Thai sesame sauce, garnish with steam broccoli.

    Price: 10.99

  • Grilled Tofu on Hot Plate

    Grilled tofu and steamed mixed vegetable with spicy Thai sauce.

    Price: 10.99


    Price: 6.95 Extras

  • CAKE

    Price: 5.99 Extras

  • Purple Rice Pudding (G)(V)

    Black sticky rice is a naturally sweet, dark rice

    Price: 4.99

  • Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

    (avaliable in season) Sticky rice with fresh mango and coconut cream on top

    Price: 5.99

  • Sweet Sticky Rice with Egg Custard

    Sticky rice with egg custard and coconut cream on top

    Price: 4.99

  • Sweet Sticky Rice with Ice cream

    Sticky rice with one scoop ice cream and coconut cream on top

    Price: 4.99

  • Banana Ro Thai

    banana wrapped with roti and served with green tea Ice cream and top with whip cream

    Price: 6.99

  • Rotim

    Crispy Roti served with Condensed milk and coconut Ice cream

    Price: 5.99

  • Fried Ice Cream

    A scoop vanilla ice cream deep fried in crispy bread crust, topped with chocolate drizzle and whip cream

    Price: 5.99

  • Ice Cream

    Coconut, Vanilla, Green Tea

    Price: 3.00

  • Soda


    Price: 2.50



    Price: 2.50



    Price: 2.50


    Price: 2.50 Extras

  • Stream Jasmine Rice

    Price: 2.00

  • Brown Rice

    Price: 2.00

  • Side fried rice (Rice,Egg,Green onion)

    Price: 3.00

  • Sticky Rice

    Price: 3.00

  • Peanut Sauce l oz.

    Price: 1.00

  • Cucumber salad l oz

    Price: 1.00

  • Steam mix vegetable

    Price: 3.50

  • Side Fresh salad

    Price: 3.00

  • Stream Noodles

    Price: 2.50

  • Flour chip 4 pcs

    Price: 1.00

  • Side curry sauce

    Price: 3.00

  • Side sauce

    Price: 1.00

  • Side Roti

    Price: 2.50

  • Side Fried Egg

    Price: 2.00

  • Extra Chicken

    Price: 2.00

  • Extra Beef

    Price: 3.00

  • Extra Shrimp

    Price: 3.00

  • Extra Squid

    Price: 2.00

  • Extra Seafood

    Price: 5.00

  • Extra Tofu

    Price: 2.00

  • Extra Vegetable

    Price: 2.00

  • Extra Soy duck

    Price: 2.00

  • Extra Soy beef

    Price: 2.00

  • Extra Soy ham

    Price: 2.00

  • Extra Noodle

    Price: 2.00

  • Chardonnay

    Light and creamy with round finish

  • Pinot Grigio

    Aromas of green apple, citrus, white peach and flower blossoms, Crisp with a vibrant finish.

  • Matua Sauvignon Blanc

    Cirtrus and grapefruit on the rose with lean finish

  • Pinor Noir

    Light bodied with a fruity finish

  • Merlot

    Soft and elegant mouthfeel, this wine has deep flavors of rich cherries and jam my blackberries.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    Full bodied with dark fruit and tannin

  • Bogle Red Blend

    Bright and fruity with smooth finish

  • Sapporo

    Original Draft Beer is a Japanese Rice Lager style beer brewed by Sapporo Breweries Ltd.

    Price: 5.00

  • Bug Light

    A low carb & low calorie light beer.

    Price: 4.00

  • Singha (Thailand)

    A yellow gold hue with light aroma of sweet breadyu pale

    Price: 4.50

  • Kirin ichiban ( Japan)

    Price: 4.50

  • Corona (Mexico)

    Price: 4.50

  • Heineken (Netherlands)

    Price: 4.50

  • Tsing Tao ( Chaina)

    Price: 4.50

  • Sapporo (Japan)

    Price: 4.50

  • Dallas Blond

    Price: 4.50

  • Community Mosaic IPA

    Price: 4.50

  • Bishop Cider Nectar

    Price: 5.50

  • Ziegenbock Amber

    Price: 4.50

  • Miller Lite

    Price: 3.75

  • Michelob Ultra

    Price: 3.75

  • Bud Light

    Price: 3.75

  • Kobai plum wine

  • Gekkeikan Hot or Cold Sake'

  • Hana White Peach 375ml

    Price: 13.00

  • Hana Lychee 375ml

    Price: 13.00

  • Sho Chiku Bai Nigori 375 ml

    Price: 14.00

  • Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo

    Price: 14.00

  • Skinny Margarita

    sake, lime, syrup, margarita

    Price: 8.00

  • Give Me Kiss

    sake.lychee sake.strawberry mix. lime

    Price: 8.00

  • Love Burry

    red wine .strawberry ,rasberry

    Price: 8.00

  • Mango Fly


    Price: 7.00


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